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From its founding in 1836, Emory has strived to bring about positive transformation in the world—by creating, preserving, teaching, and applying knowledge in the service of humanity. Since launching All In a Day, Emory’s day of giving, the Emory community has risen to the occasion in a remarkable way. Each February, we ask if you are ALL IN, and thousands across the Emory community answer with a resounding, "YES!" Alumni, parents, employees, students, and friends make a difference for Emory by contributing to student scholarships, strengthening academic programs, funding transformational research, supporting innovative patient care, and much more.


Let's join together to write the next chapter in Emory’s remarkable story, ensuring we keep pace with a changing world and transform lives for the better. All In a Day begins at noon Wednesday, February 6, and this year, continues for 30.6 hoursthat's 1,836 minutes in honor of  Emory's founding yearoffering fun and easy ways to support what inspires you.


Whether you’ve made gifts in the past or are ready to give back for the first time, this is your chance to change Emory’s future.  Are you ALL IN


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